Outdoor Advertising is commonly associated with ubiquitous billboards, the reality is that outdoor media covers a broad range of advertising opportunities with varied reach and selectivity.

How do you get YOUR MESSAGE to potential customers when there are:

  • No freeways super sites?
  • No roads for mobile billboards?
  • No buildings for spectaculars?
  • No buses, trams or taxis?
  • No mobile trucks, trailers or scooters?

I can see clearly now...


Yacht Sail – Sailing Billboards®

Yacht Sail – Sailing Billboards advertising is:

  • COST EFFICIENT – greater coverage for your advertising dollar, compared to alternative main stream media.
  • Cost per Sailing Billboard is far LESS than other advertising costs.
  • Consistent REINFORCEMENT of your message.

Meeting the Needs

It can’t be switched off or tuned out.

Value in the Marketing Mix

  • STAND OUT from the clutter
  • High RECALL due to message visibility
  • Message DOMINANCE








We also provide:


Yours sincerely,

Tony Legg

SEA LEGGS Corporate

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